Walter Tiemann Prize 2016

The next competition will start in summer 2015. Submissions will be due in early January 2016. The call for entries with the exact entry rules can be found here from 15 July 2015.

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We like to thank the sponsors of the Walter Tiemann Prize 2014

  • Prof. Markus Dreßen, Leipzig
  • Michael Ehritt, InGestalt, Leipzigingestalt.de
  • Wolfgang Grätz, Frankfurt am Main
  • Prof. Thomas M. Müller, Leipzig
  • Prof. Gerhard Neubauer, Leipzig
  • Prof. Ingo Offermanns, Hamburg
  • David Schnell, Leipzig
  • Axel Schöpa, Leipzig
  • Katharina Triebe, Leipzig – katharinatriebe.com
  • Matthias Weischer, Leipzig
  • Dr. med. Thomas Zarnitz, Leipzig

#+02.00 Philip Baber NL UK Main award 2012

Joseph Churchward David Bennewith NL NZ Main award 2010

Von Luftlinien, Flammenbögen und Speedloops Florian Hardwig D Main award 2008

Poppigt sakligt politiskt 1960-talets konsthantverk och design på Nationalmuseum Matilda Plöjel SE Main award 2006

The award winners of past years