The Library

The society aims to acquire all prize-winning books for its library. Over the years, this has grown into a unique collection of contemporary book design. The library is available for exhibitions as well as for individual study. Please direct inquiries to the society.

In addition, the library is currently being processed digitally. You will soon be able to view pictures of the award-winning works of all competitions since 1992.

Anahita Razmi – Tutti – A Score for 19 Vloggers Constanze Hein, Jan Blessing DE Main award 2016

Shut Up I’m Counting! Felix Salut DE Main award 2014

#+02.00 Philip Baber NL UK Main award 2012

Joseph Churchward David Bennewith NL NZ Main award 2010

Von Luftlinien, Flammenbögen und Speedloops Florian Hardwig D Main award 2008

Poppigt sakligt politiskt 1960-talets konsthantverk och design på Nationalmuseum Matilda Plöjel SE Main award 2006

TIF KA TA Daniela Mirabella, Rebecca Pfaffhauser CH Main award 2004

Corps mémorable. Körper erinnert Kaspar Mühlemann CH Main award 2002

Zweite Enzyklopädie von Tlön Ines von Ketelhodt, Peter Malutzki D Main award 2000

Wahrheit und Aspirin Clemens-Tobias Lange D Main award 1998

Die Ästhetik des Verschwindens – Eine Visualisierung der Thesen des Philosophen Paul Virilio Sven Pfrommer D Main award 1996

Bibliography and Drawings Jadwiga Tryzno, Janusz Tryzno PL Main award 1994

DENKmal Uta Schneider, Ulrike Stoltz D Main award 1992